2017 . . . NEW T'ai Chi class for beginners

Tuesday 17th January at 6pm
at Beaufort Community Centre,
Beaufort Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth BH6 5LB. Phone 07710141771.

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T'ai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan)

T'ai chi is a traditional Chinese exercise, suitable for adults of all ages, which results in improved fitness and health, in addition to being a profound martial art, a way of cultivating intrinsic energy of the body (qi) and a form of meditation.

Training with Wutan begins with Yang style t'ai chi, the most suitable form for beginners. Those wishing to study further will progress through pushing hands, da lu, san shou and weapons (sword, broadsword, spear and pole) and other traditional styles of T'ai Chi - Sun, Wu, Hao and Chen. Wutan also teach the Internal arts of Pa Kua (bagua) and Hsing-I (xingy) which complement the t'ai chi training.