2019 NEW T'ai Chi lessons for beginners
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Wutan employ the most effective authentic methods of training based on the 30 years' teaching experience of its UK representative Sifu They Soon Tuan under the guidance of Master Wu Song Fa. Men and women of all ages and from all walks of life have found training with Wutan has improved their health, self-defence, fitness and spiritual development. Wutan has been pleased to introduce thousands of absolute beginners into martial arts training.

Not only will your health benefit from training in the many systems and techniques of martial arts, also, Wutan's unparalleled range of knowledge ensures you can enjoy yourself without brutal and aggressive training methods.

Through dedication, determination and loyalty of its students, Wutan is now the UK's biggest Traditional Martial Arts School.

We are proud to share the great martial arts knowledge of Grand Master Liu with all those who will work with us, towards the common goal of making the world a better place to hand down to our children.


For further info, please see Wutan UK Headquarters Founder - They Soon Tuan

Wutan International Founder - Grand Master Liu Yun Qiao.

Children's Classes

Martial arts training benefits children in many ways, including self control, self defence and self discipline. It also gives your child a chance to strengthen his or her body and mind. They learn how to work with different people and this co-operation leads to a greater respect and understanding of others. At a time when bullying, whether physical or cyber based, is becoming more common, empathy, awareness and confidence are becoming increasingly important. Wutan classes in Kung-fu and Kickboxing are taught in a non-violent and non-aggressive manner, the emphasis is on learning in a controlled environment, whilst having fun.

For T'ai Chi classes in Bournemouth and Poole ring Geoff Edwards or Barbara Donno on 01202 422342 or email wutan.bournemouth@ntlworld.com

For Kung-Fu and Kickboxing classes in Bournemouth, Poole, Verwood and Ringwood ring Matt Young on 07710141771 or email myoung6568@aol.com